What we do for sustainability

At Nayades, every aspect of our business begins and ends with sustainability in mind. We prioritize eco-friendly materials, packaging, and production methods to ensure that we leave the smallest possible footprint. Additionally, we strive for sustainability through our versatile clothing designs and low quantity /pre-order system, which aim to prevent overproduction and foster a sustainable ecosystem.

Our materials

As a reflection of nature,
we use circular fabric;
everything is a cycle.

1/ Econyl® , regenerated nylon for our swimwear

Vita, by Carvico, is an Italian-made, sustainable techno-fabric made of ECONYL® regenerated Nylon that turns waste into fashion. Made of ocean plastic and abandoned fishing nets, it uses a closed-loop system that impacts global warming 90% lower than the process needed to produce standard nylon. It is UPF 50+ rated and resistant to chlorine, sunscreen oil, and pilling. The fabric has the potential to be recycled infinitely without ever losing its quality.

Is Carvico Vita perfect, though?

Yes and No. Even recycled nylon is still plastic, and the risk of releasing this invisible but polluting microfiber remains.

Check our helpful tips to take care of your swimwear — and the planet.

2/ Lyocell fibers, eco-friendly alternatives for our resort wear

We believe incorporating Greencel and Tencel fibres into our clothing is a step towards creating high-quality, eco-friendly products that our customers can feel good about wearing. These fibres are from sustainably-sourced wood pulp and are manufactured using a closed-loop production process that minimises waste and environmental impact. Their soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking properties make them versatile for use in various types of apparel. Additionally, these fibres are biodegradable, ensuring they can break down without causing harm to the environment.

3/ Deadstock Fabric from Luxury Maisons

We love finding sleeping treasures within Italian and French prestigious Maisons to bring back to the fashion industry. We give a second chance to existing high-quality designer fabrics born from overproduction and deadstock, which would otherwise be destroyed. This is a better option for the environment than any other sustainably certified fabric, as it actively reduces textile waste.

  • Our production

    We intentionally offer a small capsule collection with limited quantities and a pre-order system, to minimise overproduction and waste. We locally manufacture our swim and resort wear in Italy and Portugal with partners who prioritise fair labour practices and practice green standards. Keeping our manufacturing local allows us to closely monitor our product quality and reduce our carbon emissions footprint.

  • Our packaging

    Our packaging not only looks good, but it also serves a greater purpose. We adopted a completely plastic free packaging, thoughtfully crafted with the intention of being used by our clients multiple times. Your favourite Nayades swim or resort wear delicately lay within FSC-certified recycled paper that is fully home-compostable after use. Once wrapped, we ship your garments in a box made from 100% recycled Kraft, which is entirely recyclable and compostable.



Let the "Less Is More" philosophy be your guide and allow your swimwear to be a versatile accessory that goes beyond the beach.


“Up to 15 percent of clothing’s carbon footprint comes from the way in which it’s cared for”
(UK’s Waste and Resources Action)

Wash your swimwear after swimming to ensure you have removed all chlorine or salt water from the suit. Avoid use of oils and sunscreen directly on fabrics.

If you must wash your swimwear in the washing machine, put swimwear in a laundry bag that catches microfibers shed during the washing process, such as our Guppyfriend™ Washing Bag.

Hand wash swimwear & wash colour items separately.

Hang dry your swimwear in the shade rather than in direct sunlight to prevent colour fading.

Nayades the Label Guppyfriend™ washing bag and carbord box.

Meet Our Guppyfriend™ Washing Bag

Microplastic pollution, tiny pieces of plastic that pollute the environment, is a growing concern for both human and ecological health.

The Guppyfriend™ is a scientifically-proven solution for preventing microplastic pollution from escaping into the ocean when washing synthetic textiles. It‘s the only solution that protects both clothes and the environment simultaneously, as well as reduces fibre shedding significantly. It’s also great to use for all clothing, as it captures microfibers in fuzz to prevent build-up in your machine.



More than ever, we believe in the power of unity to move forward. Ask us about our sustainability commitment, share your ideas and let's make a greater impact together.